Vi-Ability‚Äôs founder is Kelly Davies, an ex-international football player with 36 caps for Wales who has also played for Arsenal and Liverpool Ladies. She is also the youngest woman to obtain an MBA in the Football Industries.

During her studies, the idea came to her for a social business that could tackle the issues of commercially unsustainable football clubs and youth disengagement in education.

The Social Enterprise “Vi-Ability” was developed to:

  • Help tackle the issues of financially unsustainable football clubs, economic inactivity and youth disengagement.
  • Introducing individuals to the commercial managementof football clubs.
  • Teaching them how to design, plan and run activities that help raise money for the football club, and make a real difference to the community in which they are based.
  • All of which help the individuals to develop employability and life skills.
  •  The project would support the running of sporting organisations

Further information on the aims and objectives of Vi-Ability can be found on the “Mission” page.



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