Vi-Ability’s mission:Community

“For every community to have a thriving and financially stable football club at its heart – providing opportunities for individuals to develop their skills and broaden their horizons”

 The aims are to:

  • Transform football clubs into centres of ‘opportunities & leadership’ for individuals in their community through education, training & employment.
  • Support clubs to develop as a business and to become more sustainable.

What makes Vi-Ability unique:

  • Vi-Ability has social aims and objectives to help develop individuals and organisations as a whole.
  • There are many examples of where football, and sport, is used to engage with schools and the community to support learning.
  • Vi-Ability introduces individuals to the commercial management of football clubs and provides “hands on” practical experience and transferable business skills.
  • Vi-Ability has created a customised BTEC In Football Industries qualification, and has exclusive rights in 30 countries with Edexcel (more info: http://vi-ability.org/btec-qualification)

Asides from football, Vi-ability also supports other organisations with similar aims and objectives.


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